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Trip to your local emergency room for dental care would have set you back  at a minimum $800 to $1200.0 at max.   For a fraction of these fees, with extended hours, we at Brevard Emergency Dentist will provide that much needed service.

EMERGENCY DENTAL CARE: Is often needed as a toothache comes out of the blue.  At that moment   everything in one’s life usually comes to a halt.  At Emergency Dental of Brevard our dentist, who lives and works within walking distance of the office, is available to provide urgent dental care for the communities of Palm Bay, Florida & West Melbourne Florida.

SATURDAY EMERGENCY DENTIST:  Our Saturday hours are from 10 am    to 2 pm at which  time we  accept walk in emergency dental services between 2pm – 6pm we   offer availability, if necessary, on an on call bases.

SUNDAY EMERGENCY DENTIST: Our Sunday emergency dental service hours are between 2pm –6pm on a call in basis.  We are able to provide the necessary emergency dental treatments and services at our Bayside Lakes location.

LATE HOUR  EMERGENCY DENTAL SERVICES:  Most of us are procrastinators, especially for our dental needs,  but  often acute tooth  pain will strike  in the evening  or  at some inconvenient  hours at night, we at   Brevard Emergency Dentist are here to offer  the general public one last call dental emergency service.  Our late walkin hours 7pm weekdays; however, we are available to provide last call emergency dental services up to 9 pm on week days.

EARLY MORNING HOURS: On week days, our emergency hours begin at 7am- for phone INS with walk in hours from 8am to 7 pm. Monday- Friday.

WALK- IN- DENTISTRY:  Between 7am - 7pm all walk in patients are welcome. However, we do expect all walk in patients to be patient as the name implies.

EMERGENCY DENTURE REPAIR: Got a hot date, denture is broken, we do broken dentures repairs on the spot and get you going on to your hot date within minutes.

EMERGENCY DENTURE REPLACEMENT: DOG ATE YOUR DENTURE LOST DENTURE   OR LEFT DENTURE AT HOTEL.  We will begin and expedite the process of replacing your denture.

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